Safe Haven Animal Shelter
Providing a "Safe Haven" for abused and neglected animals

About Us


Safe Haven Animal Shelter was established in 2001 in Springville, Alabama, as a nonprofit, no-kill, uniquely designed animal shelter that provides a “home-like” and loving environment for many homeless, abandoned, and injured animals, many that are very adoptable.

Safe Haven is also home to several pit bulls and other adult dogs that have issues that make them “less adoptable.” If you are not ready to welcome a new addition into your home, or just want to help us provide much needed care, we also offer sponsorships of these long-term residents, which go towards supplies, food, and more. Every day, money is spent on nutritious meals, housing needs, large amounts of cat litter, cleaning supplies, bedding, fencing, and veterinarian expenses for maintenance and disease/trauma management. There are also utility costs associated with operating Safe Haven. These costs are where donations would help us tremendously.

Safe Haven is committed to the well-being of each of its residents, but we need your help and support to provide the best care possible. Safe Haven is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.